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By | Juli 7, 2021

What is Insurance?

Insurance is an agreement between two or more parties to guarantee something promised. Financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company.

Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

  • Life insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Education Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Credit Insurance

Basic Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know About

  • Premiums: Premiums are money that must be paid as long as the insurance is still ongoing.
  • Insurance Policy: Insurance Policy is a letter of agreement between the insured party and the insurer.
  • Policy Owner: The party authorized to hold the approved policy.
  • Applicant: The party applying for insurance to the insurer.
  • Insured: The subject is insured in his/her example car agreement etc.
  • Beneficiary: The party who will take the money from the insurance.
  • Sum Insured: Can be said compensation money if something happens to the thing that is borne.

Best Auto Insurance Companies for 2021

How To Choose Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Best Auto Insurance Companies

Car is a very comfortable and safe vehicle to drive and become one of the transportation. But if at any point the vehicle is damaged or an unexpected event what should you do? to overcome all that just need Insurance.

Many types of vehicle insurance that can be chosen one of them is All Risk Car Insurance, TLO Car Insurance (Total Lost Only), and Combination Insurance. Before going into the tips on choosing insurance, we will talk about some of the best insurance services.

Auto insurance is a protection for vehicle from the risk of loss that will occur to your car in the future. That is why taking insurance services for vehicles is very important. Here’s a list of the best insurance services in Indonesia.

1. Allianz Utama Indonesia Insurance (Allianz MobilKu)

Allianz Indonesia is a leading insurance company in Indonesia. PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia has been around since 1989, has 86 million customers. With a large number of customers, Allianz Utama’s insurance services are guaranteed to be reliable and very suitable for insuring our vehicles (cars).

Not only vehicle insurance, Allianz Utama Indonesia also has various insurance services ranging from property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, credit insurance and business insurance.

2. Adira Insurance (Autocillin)

Autocillin is a car insurance product service from Adira Insurance. In this Autocillin product, you will be guaranteed for your car. The guarantees that will be provided include Comprehensive or Total Loss Only guarantees with different car insurance premium rates according to the type of guarantee chosen.

At Adira Insurance, you will be provided with many features and various services. Customers will be provided with security and convenience as often as they need insurance. Adira insurance also has many branch offices that can be accessed easily. If you don’t want to leave, you can immediately use your smartphone to get full service from Adira Insurance.

3. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Sinar Mas Car Insurance has a variety of services and there are 2 types of car insurance coverage including.

All Risk: Provides insurance for your car from all types of damage, from minor damage, heavy damage, to loss of vehicle.

TLO (Total Loss Only): Provides coverage for your car in the event of loss or damage worth more than 75% of the total price of the car you own.

The main features of the Sinar Mas Car Insurance service include free tow, premium payment system: Full, 10 years old vehicle for All Risk, and a maximum vehicle age of 15 for TLO (Total Loss Only).

4. Jasaraharja Putera (JP-ASTOR)

Trust your car to JP-ASTOR. A suitable slogan for the Jasaraharja Putera insurance service. This service has a coverage area of ​​Total Loss Only and All Risk.

The risks that may occur by your car if it meets the following conditions, Damage to the insured vehicle if it is caused by a collision, collision, overturning, derailing from the road, evil deeds of others, theft of vehicles or standard equipment, fire and lightning strikes.

How to Pick Best Auto Insurance?

How to Pick Best Auto Insurance?

How to Tips on How to Choose the Most Profitable Car Insurance. Below we have provided an explanation of tips for choosing car insurance that is right and profitable.

Auto Insurance – This insurance is mandatory for people who own a car, because there are many benefits that can be obtained if you have this vehicle insurance. For example, avoid unwanted things at any time, such as an accident or when your car is stolen.

Below are some ways to find the right policy and cut your premiums.

Find the Policy Type for Your Needs

Do not rush to take insurance products. There are several insurance products that may look the same but behind that you have to look for detailed information about these insurance products.

After finding an insurance product that feels right. Now you just have to check the vehicle and you have to be careful about knowing the condition of the vehicle including, car body, car engine. car age, and several other important aspects.

Make a Comparison Then Know the Product Benefits Clearly

After you find a product you have to find information about the benefits that you will get in the future and don’t forget to make comparisons with other insurance products. All of that will determine how much you will benefit and experience losses in the future.

How to adjust your budget

You have to be careful here. You must determine the income and expenses of your funds for the insurance of the car. That will affect the benefits and protection that will be obtained later from car insurance. But you also have to remember the financial capabilities you currently have.

If you force yourself to take reckless steps your finances will be at stake later.

Find The Most Reliable Car Insurance Company

Determining the product is important. but there is also what you have to choose again, namely choosing an insurance company. Then how are the tips for choosing an insurance company? The answer is Look for a company that has good credibility and can be trusted, find out previous customer feedback at the company, look for sticky service features from the company, and a credible company that is supervised by government agencies.

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