Best Web Hosting Services

Looking for WordPress hosting? We will discuss some hosting services that are suitable for your wordpress site.

Selection of the best web hosting from several existing services is very crucial. You have to be smart in choosing a hosting service for your WordPress website so that it works optimally and of course has a fast loading speed.

What Is Hosting

Web hosting is an online service that allows users to publish a website or web application on the internet. When you buy and sign up for a hosting service, you are in fact borrowing space on the server, where all the files and data the website needs to work hard on. As you know, a website can contain various things; images, videos, text, plugins, complex scripts, and so on.

Types of Web Hosting

Before you buy hosting for a website. It would be better if you know the types of hosting that exist today. Check out the explanation below. The following are the types of hosting recommendations that are best & suitable for your website.

  1. Shared Hosting this type of hosting can make multiple sites share to a larger main server. Shared hosting itself is the cheapest. So it is not surprising that most bloggers with small budgets can buy it for website data storage. This type of hosting is suitable for use on portfolio websites, small business websites, and blogs.
  2. Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service managed by a provider, where clients can rent the entire server and will not share it with anyone. This will provide more benefits than when a professional website only uses regular Shared Hosting.
  3. VPS Hosting is a safer and more stable option than shared hosting, where you don’t take up any dedicated server space. However, shared hosting is cheaper than renting or buying the entire server space.
  4. Cloud Hosting is a type of web hosting that does not only use one server, but uses multiple servers to balance the load and maximize server uptime. Cloud hosting is a technology that combines several servers running into one single server. The goal is none other than to maintain performance.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers For Website

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers of 2021 For WordPress

1. Hostinger – Start with fast web hosting. is one of the best hosting companies and is a growing international brand in the hosting industry. High speed web server with SSD, no downtime and designed to support PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel hosting customization.

The average server uptime is 99.99%. This performance has recorded Hostinger’s name in thousands of positive reviews on various websites around the world. Supported by a quality support team, collocation servers and branch offices are found in almost all countries in the world.

2. BlueHost – The most popular and best choices for web hosting.

BlueHost has good overall server performance with uptime that is no less competitive. These two main things are the cutting edge features that BlueHost offers for those of you who want Web Hosting with good WordPress optimization.

This web hosting is recommended not only because of its very affordable price, but also the value of features that are suitable for anyone with a WordPress focus.

3. DreamHost – Web Hosting For Your Purpose

Dreamhost is one of the most successful award-winning hosting companies and possibly one of the oldest servers, so when it comes to providing features, web hosting and packages, they are the experts. Usually these servers offer a fairly cheap price.

Dreamhost has The free trial period is the longest in the business — 97 days. day money back guarantee, low price per month, performance, speed and security, making DreamHost a web host you should consider using.

4. Namecheap – Domain & Hosing Lowest Price

Namecheap is a company engaged in the registration and sales of domain names and web hosting services that have been accredited by ICANN.

Namecheap shared hosting is the cheapest shared hosting. Namecheap offers some of the best features at an attractive price then also offers a 100% uptime guarantee for all users of Neamecheap shared hosting.

5. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine offers several services including easy migration, SSL, DDoS mitigation, developer tools, staging, SSH, backup, CDN, 24/7 support. 24/7 World Class Support. Cloud Hosting. Performance Analysis.

Wp Engine is the right choice for your website, with a lot of customer service. You will be able to benefit in abundance by buying hosting on the WP Engine. This hosting service provider is experienced and trusted.


This is a summary of the best web hosting reviews for running a WordPress based website. All of them are reliable hosting providers with a record of quality service. Choose one of the best recommendations. Make this decision as if the future of your business depends on the hosting service you choose.


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