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Are you looking for small businesses to shop online? When you are traveling to a new country or city, it is always fun and recommended to shop in small, local businesses to support them. Thanks to the easy access to the internet, we can now shop in small businesses even from afar. Below are some top small, local businesses to shop online.

small businesses to shop online

Lucky No. Candles

Do you like to light up a candle at your home? Then, you can buy your favourite candles in Lucky No. Candles. Lucky No. Candles is a Latinx-owned brand that produces pretty candles from coconut wax and soy with wooden wicks. It also involves crystals to add a special touch. If you are unsure which candle fits you, you can shop by your lucky number to find your ideal match.

Aloha & Light

Aloha & Light is a Hawaiian local business that sells products for the whole family, such as blankets, baby slings, accessories, and scarves. This brand was founded by Janel Santa Ana, a mother of 4 boys back in 2013. She utilizes things seen in nature to produce island-inspired products. She believes that the most gorgeous colours and designs happen naturally in our daily lives, making Mother Nature the best artist.

Janel combines this artistic approach with her ability for hand-painting and hand-dyeing to create products that are pretty, unique, and functional for her small business. All the items that Aloha & Light sell are eco-friendly.

Nina Berenato

For those of you who love jewellery and accessories so much, you should check out a brand called Nina Berenato. This jewellery brand is based in Austin, Texas, but you can shop for its products online. It focuses on sustainability and supporting other women makers. The brand also offers jewellery-making classes for locals, teaching them to make accessories of their very own designs and tastes.

If you love to make handmade crafts, you can also try to run this one of online business ideas to have another source of income.

Sustainable Haus

The next one of small businesses to shop online is Sustainable Haus. Based in Summit, New Jersey, this brand sells zero waste home goods. The owner of the business, Janette Spiezio, wanted better choices for her 2 daughters so that she began to pursue a non-toxic, zero waste lifestyle, which is what led her to run her own brand. Sustainable Haus offers more than 50 refillable products, and all their soft goods are made of organic and recycled materials.
So, which small businesses to shop online are you interested in?

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